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August 15, 2018

Jebel Boma Benefits from CTSAMM Community Engagement Forum

The Pibor Monitoring and Verification Team (MVT) held a Community Engagement Forum from 7 to 8 August, 2018, at the Jebel Boma County Authority Hall in Boma State.

84 people from all major towns and villages surrounding Jebel Boma participated in the forum. The participants included military and civilian authority leaders, government and community leaders, and women and youth representatives.

Attendees listening attentively to presentations

The forum aimed at promoting the current Agreement on the Cessation of Hostilities (ACoH) and creating awareness on CTSAMM as well as MVTs performance in their area of responsibility.

The topics covered include: the ACoH, Humanitarian Access and Protection of Civilians, the Agreement on Resolution of Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (ARCSS), the CTSAMM Mandate, MVT monitoring/verification procedures and Gender Based Violence.

Jebel Boma County Commissioner, Jeremiah Korok hosted the forum and actively participated in all the sessions. Opening the forum, the Commissioner praised the MVT for the informative presentation. He gave an explicit directive to all community members in attendance to internalize the information provided by the MVT personnel and urged them to embrace and assist the monitors.

The presentation was interactive and made in four languages, namely English, Murle, Jie, and Kishipo which helped drive home the messages to all participants of the forum.

The Pibor MVT Leader, Raphael Muthoka described the forum as a success in the promotion of CTSAMM and the MVT operations as well as the peace agreement. “The success of this forum builds the foundation for the enhancement of future community engagement forums, which will be conducted by MVT Pibor in the entire MVT Pibor area of responsibility,” he said.

Yasir Elfadul (L) and Gebreslasie Belay (R) facilitating group discussion

Boma State is prone to conflicts, especially those based on cattle raids and counter raids mainly between the Murle and Jie. The presence of key influencers like the elders and the youth in the forum is said to be critical to enhance the community’s understanding of their individual roles in attaining peace and in promoting CTSAMM.

The two-day forum was the second of its kind in the Boma State.

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CTSAMVM is an institute of the Agreement on the Resolution of the conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (ARCSS) signed by the Government and SPLM/A-IO in August 2015.