CTSAMM Mandate

The mandate of the CTSAMM is to monitor and verify the implementation of the PCTSA as agreed by the two Parties and thus help bring an end to the conflict and its devastating consequences: great loss of life, the displacement of millions of people and destruction of property and livelihoods.

Through a system of on-site monitoring, patrols and investigations, the CTSAMM oversees commitments by the two Parties to:

  1. Cease military confrontations and withdraw forces
  2. Refrain from attacks on civilian populations and respect human rights
  3. Ensure humanitarian access, especially to displaced people
  4. Stop dissemination of hostile propaganda
  5. Separate, assemble and provide cantonment of their forces and any other forces related to the conflict.
  6. Withdraw Foreign Forces allied to either party to the Peace Agreement

Through investigating violations of and compliance to the PCTSA the CTSAMM teams on the ground ensure deteriorating security situations are identified and prioritized for discussion and action at the national level amongst all parties to the peace agreement. Therefore the CTSAMM should be seen as an integral part of restoring peace and stability to South Sudan.

A Status of Mission Agreement (SOMA) was signed in May 2014 between IGAD and the South Sudanese Government. It outlines the MVM’s and subsequently the CTSAMMs legal status, as well as the inviolability of its premises and assets. It safeguards the MVM/CTSAMMs independence and freedom from interference and guarantees freedom of movement for all staff within the country. The SOMA also preserves the right of confidentiality of Mission communications, and grants immunity from arrest, detention or legal process to all MVM staff, in respect of any acts performed in the course of their duty.