Core Commitments

The CTSAMM is committed to monitoring the Warring Parties’ compliance with the ACoH in four main areas:

  1. The Parties are to cease all hostile military actions and operations in furtherance of the armed conflict between and among the Parties including acts of Sexual Gender Based Violence and recruitment of Child Soldiers.
  2. All Forces shall immediately freeze in their locations, except for movements authorised by CTSAMM for logistical and administrative purposes.
  3. The Parties shall at all times protect the human rights of civilians and shall ensure the safety and dignity of individuals and communities.
  4. The Parties should uphold international law and shall allow and facilitate unfettered access for people in need to receive assistance from the United Nations and impartial international and notional non-governmental organisations.

The CTSAMM works in an impartial, professional and thorough manner to investigate alleged breaches of the Agreement on the basis of credible information, complaints submitted by the Parties and others and is also working for the betterment of the people of South Sudan, in support of the peace process, and in accordance with agreements, national laws & international law.